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April 03, 2014

Hello Members & Visitors,

Well It’s APRIL & we are still snow bound- Fingers crossed we get to see some blacktop VERY VERY SOON..& get the Cruize ON..

 Sorry for the delay in updating the website-it seems to update hang & lose ANY new information I try to add. thought it was my system again-

however it does not seem to be the case, Brand new system hates wordpress also, I have reverted back to ancient laptop, next step up from a rock slate .

Please be patient, I really am working on it. Hopefully you will see more changes for the better as I reconfigure & update possibly with a little less trouble. & trying to keep with the format that everyone can use no matter which application you may be using.

It is very fussy I admit, but this seems to be the most popular & well used.

Thanks for almost understanding- See you all soon




*** If you have a question or would like info or pictures added. Please send them Directly to: valleycruisersnb(at)